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Why we are here

Why are we here?
Four answers, in reverse order:-
Fourth Answer (urgent): We have a purpose. Our mission statement describes it in some detail, but it can be summed up in what Jesus said about the kingdom of God. There’s a powerful description of that idea in Luke 4.18-19.
The kingdom of God is good news for the poor.
Follow this link to find out why so many millions of people are poor, and what we can do about it.
The kingdom of God proclaims liberty to the oppressed.
Follow this link to find out how we can help.

Third Answer (debatable): We are here because we choose to be. Or is it because God has chosen us? If so, it’s time to bear fruit (see John 15.16-17).
Second Answer (existential): We are here because we just happen to exist.
First Answer (historical): We are here because this is where Lady Kinnaird acquired the land to build a church. 


All Souls' Episcopal Church (Vestry) is a Scottish charity, number SC 035686