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About Us

We gather to celebrate the presence of God in worship and prayer. 
Our regular services are:-
  • Sunday, 10.30am: Sung Eucharist
  • Wednesday, 10.15am: Eucharist (in the Lady Chapel)
Why is the eucharist at the heart of Christian prayer?
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As far as possible, the church is open daily for prayer and meditation
  • an oasis of quietness in a busy world.
We aim to be a community in which God’s love is shared.
  • There is time to have coffee, juice, tea, biscuits, and conversation after both of these services
  • There are also house-groups for those who wish to explore their faith through discussion and prayer with others.
All are welcome.
And to serve Christ among friends and strangers.
All Souls’ has served the people of Invergowrie and the surrounding area since the 1890s.
  • It was built as a result of the generosity of Frances, Lady Kinnaird, and consecrated in 1896.
  • It is a congregation of the Scottish Episcopal Church, in the Diocese of Brechin.
A Community of Faith
The life of a church consists, not just of what goes on in the building each Sunday, but of everything that the people of the church are involved in. The life of a church is the life of its people.

Where is the Church for most of the week? 

It is at work (at home or elsewhere), at school, resting, playing, possibly even taking a holiday. The Church is wherever the people are. 

When the Church gathers for worship, we are showing our gratitude to the God who has promised always to be with us, for the sake of the whole world. All Are Welcome.
You don't have to be "a member of the Church" to come to All Souls’, though we will be delighted if you decide to make your spiritual home here. For further information, contact: Revd.Ashley Cummins
27 Errol Road, Invergowrie, Dundee DD2 5AG
01382 562525 / Email

Or just turn up on Sunday, at 10.30 a.m.

We have links with the Society of Saint Francis (particularly its Third Order), and with the Cursillo movement.

Service is part of the nature of Christ himself. The Christian tradition of serving the poor involves us in the work of Christian Aid, serving people of all faiths and races wherever they are in need.

In recent years, aid organisations have come to recognise that charity is not enough. For that reason, we have also taken part in Jubilee Scotland events, and are commited to using fairtrade tea and coffee.

Campaigning for human rights is an important part of our witness, by means of the letter-writing campaigns co-ordinated by Amnesty International

The Scottish Episcopal Church

As a Scottish Church, we are part of the family of Christians who have inherited the faith brought to this land by St.Ninian, St.Columba, and others less famous. Other Scottish Churches are Presbyterian, Roman Catholic, and so on, but all are part of the same family.

As an Episcopal Church, we value the continuity of tradition in the Church. Thus we retain the threefold ministry of Bishops, Priests, and Deacons, and our worship follows the pattern we have inherited from the earliest Christian practice. Other Episcopal Churches include the Church of Ireland, the Church of England, the Church in Wales, the Episcopal Church in the United States, and so on.

In common with every Church, we celebrate the presence and the love of God.


All Souls' Episcopal Church (Vestry) is a Scottish charity, number SC 035686

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